I wish i was at the Broadway Flea Market today :(




Next year we should all combine our money for a NYC hotel room for the flea market and just have a big broadway sleepover and see shows who’s with me?!?

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I am unable to go to the Broadway Flea Market and am liable to drop a chandelier on anyone who gets too close.




Not tense. Just terribly terribly alert.

I just love watching their tails go nuts

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Spiders eat their parents all the time and no one cares when they do it so what the fuck

did you eat your parents

How about you mind your own business

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if you’re not going to the flea market and you hate everything clap your hands!

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I’m sorry but I still can’t believe how these two perfect human beings didn’t get along. It breaks my heart that after Wicked they were never connected with each other. Yes, I know that Kristin said that they did fight sometimes and that sometimes they didn’t get along but it’s so hard to believe and what even was the reason?

This is why rumors exist.

No one - meaning the two women, and they are the only ones that know whether or not they  like each other - has ever said they don’t get along, whether during the show or after.  All they ever said remotely close to that is that they have different methods of working, but that they love and respect each other.  And having disagreements with people you spend so much time with is extremely common and not reflective of your overall attitude about the other person.

So why assume otherwise?

Well, Kristin did say that they had misunderstandings and did fight sometimes. She said she respected Idina as a performer and that they were really different. While all Idina ever said is that she did love her. And that’s what kind of makes me confused. Maybe Kristin had a problem with her and Idina didn’t? Because the first person Idina thanked after winning the Tony was her.
Also, what I’m wondering is if these rumors are fake then why didn’t any of them declare that wasn’t true?
I have also noticed that most Glindas and Elphabas have a bond between them. But Maybe Kristin and Idina were too busy with their own paths and didn’t menage to maintain a strong bond.
I remember that they said that they couldn’t see each other often because their paths didn’t cross.

Having disagreements does not equal not caring for someone. They have addressed the rumors many times, stating their love and respect, even mocking the rumors during the Wicked run at the Drama Desk Awards.  Kristin moved to LA after Wicked for several years, and Idina stayed in NYC.  Eventually, they traded coasts because Kristin went back to Broadway and Idina moved to LA to be with Taye while he was doing Private Practice.  It’s really not unheard of that their paths simply did not cross for us to ogle their interaction.  They could email 5 times per day and have weekly phone calls for all we know.  I will add with a question of how many of us actually stay close to people we worked with 10 years ago?  They were coworkers. 

I wonder what it’s like to be criticized because you aren’t as close - at least publicly - with someone as people think you should be, and for every interaction to be scrutinized.

I respect your side of the matter - this is an interesting debate. :)

Kate Walsh is black and white hot while attending the 2014 Operation Smile Gala held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on Friday (September 19) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Kate Walsh is black and white hot while attending the 2014 Operation Smile Gala held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on Friday (September 19) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Because unfortunately while Tumblr tries to talk a good game about diversity and inclusiveness, fandom is in actuality sort of shit about liking things where they can’t just be writing about two white dudes touching dicks?


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